“I think this is awesome and amazing for a couple of different reasons. It is a terrific way for vendors to have their products promoted. I know a lot of us are really trying to buy “closer to home” and this gives us the chance to try products and see what kinds of wonderful things we can get right in our own back yards. I’ve been a buyer since the start and will continue to do so. Love all of the surprises that come in the box and I HIGHLY recommend you become part of this – either by buying or by showing off what you have to offer as being a vendor!!” Lori


“Samantha’s box is so innovative! She really goes out of her way to promote local, small and home businesses. Every product is hand picked and you can really see the love she puts into each box. I love this idea and highly recommend.” Chemaine





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My Birthday Wish
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 22-Jun-2017

Remember when you were younger and the excitement that you had while watching your mom or dad carry the cake over singing happy birthday to you?  Trying to decide what one wish you were going to wish for in your head, making sure to keep it a secret so that

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Never Ending Vacation 3 Box Series
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 14-Jun-2017

There has been much excitement going on at BeYOUtiful Box.  I wanted to create a fun summer box and came up with the idea of the Never Ending Vacation 3 box series.  What could be better than a never ending vacation??  Honestly, I can't think of anything. Not only is

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Words My Husband Said
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 06-Jun-2017

NO this will not be a bashing post.  For me, it is to remind myself that what we say can mean different things to different people.  How we each take it also differs greatly and what we think someone means, they had no intent on it meaning that. Lately, Richard

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