This May Get A Bit Emotional

At the beginning of June, for the first time ever, I decided to take the leap and invest money into a course to help me build my life coaching business.  This is the start of week 3 and I am currently working on my ideal client.  There were a bunch of questions to answer and I did that with no problems.  I even gave my ideal client a name, Amanda.  Don’t ask me why I picked that name, I just did.  Moving on through Section 2, I was asked to look through photos and find a photo of my perfect client.  That is when I found this photo…..


That is me in the middle.  This picture was taken almost 3 years ago at my sister’s wedding on July 13th.  I remember that day so vividly.

I hated when I slipped that dress on.  I felt fat, ugly, like a big blob that no one could love.  I remember having to put a smile on my face because I was so happy I was there to witness my sister marry her best friend and high school sweetheart all the while I was wondering what everyone thought of me.

I hated how my hair made look and feel even fatter than I was.  I had to pretend that I loved every moment of that day so that my sister would enjoy hers.  After all, it was all about her!!!!

My dress was a size in the 20s.  The biggest I had ever had to purchase before.  I dreaded the moment when I had to walk down the aisle and have all those eyes upon me and see what a “mess” I had become.

I felt hopeless and vowed that I would diet and lose the weight that made me feel this way about myself.  After all, there had to be something that I could do!  I thought of myself as a healthy person.  I didn’t work out a ton but I also didn’t eat that unhealthy.  Yet somehow I was at my biggest weight ever!!!

I thought that is all anyone could see of me including my family.  I figured once I was out of sight, they were talking about me and about how large I had become and how I needed to gain control.

The thing I didn’t realize back then was that I needed to gain control but not of what I thought needed to be controlled.  I needed to control those little voices in my head that kept telling me that my weight defined who I was.  That being fat somehow made me less of a person.

It wasn’t until a year later when I had figured this out.  Figured out that in order to get to where I wanted to be with food and exercise, I needed to love where I was.  That included loving my overweight self.  That included loving my stretch marks.  That included me loving the fact that my thighs touched or my stomach wasn’t flat.

I realized that dieting wasn’t going to change any of it.  I had to change how I felt about myself before I could make that lifestyle change.

That is what makes me from 3 years ago my perfect client.  A woman that has come to her breaking point and realized that she can achieve what she wants by loving herself.  That no matter what, those little voices inside her head can be changed!!  They can go from hatred to love just by working on them and realizing that is the change that needs to be done!!

3 years ago I weighed 221 pounds.  Today I weigh 207 pounds.  No there isn’t much of a difference, however, I appreciate my body for all that it does.  I am stronger, not just physically but mentally as well.  I am not ashamed of my body anymore.  It may not be perfect but the flaws that I carry around make me who I am.  I am 100% okay with that!!!!!!!

That is my perfect client!!!


Reasons I HATE Being Pregnant

I know, I know!!!!!  There are a ton of women out there that would love to get pregnant.  A few of my friends have been there!!!  I truly wish that all of you who wanted a baby could have one!!!!

I have been lucky enough to be currently pregnant with my 3rd baby and possibly my last.  (I would LOVE to have another 1 but not sure my body or sanity can take another pregnancy!)

I wish that I was one of those women who loved being pregnant.  However, I am NOT!!!!  I will list for you the reasons why!  Pregnancy did not and has not come easy for me.  These last 32 weeks (well 32 weeks tomorrow!) have been awful, draining (mentally and physically), and filled with more throwing up than I wish I had.



Now morning sickness in general sucks and something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.  However, at this point, I think I would prefer general morning sickness.  All 3 of my pregnancies have been filled with not enjoying foods to throwing up all day long.  I have thrown up on every street corner and in almost every bathroom I come into contact with.  Even the Diclectin doesn’t help me!!  I have had to be put on IV fluids due to not even holding water down.  My kids have witnessed me throwing up in the kitchen sink to running to the bathroom and throwing up while someone rubs my back!!  It has become a part of life for the past 32 weeks and I can honestly say, the 1 habit I am looking forward to getting rid of in the next 8-10 weeks!!!


Now this is something that I suffer with often when I am not pregnant.  However, pregnancy related heartburn is horrendous!!! I live off of Tums.  I have a bottle in my car, living room, and bedroom.  Everything seems to be just a temporary relief and doesn’t last long enough.  I even have to wake up in the middle of the night to take some because my heartburn will wake me up.


This is something that comes with pregnancy.  Having it with 2 other children is not easy!!  There are days that my exhaustion and morning sickness combined do not allow me to venture far off from the couch.  I have learned I need to nap almost daily just to make it through the day!!  I do not sleep at night and it is catching up to me!



If you do not know what this is or have never experienced it, consider yourself lucky!!  When I was pregnant with Annie, I separated my pelvis doing squats at 20 weeks.  Yes it truly is as painful as it sounds!!!  This pregnancy I did some research and read that it can be easier for it to happen the 2nd time so I stopped doing Pilates and really took it easy as I did not want a repeat.  Well, I was not that lucky!!  It started about 5-6 weeks ago and is just continuing to get worse.  (It will keep getting worse as the baby gets bigger!!)  There are days that I can’t lift my legs without pain.  There are days I can’t walk without pain.  Everything in my pelvis and hips area hurt.  It is a pain that doesn’t go away.  Even the past few days, turning in my sleep has been extremely painful!!!  Another thing I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy!!


I am a tummy sleeper.  Always have been and always will be.  Sleeping on my side is something that has NEVER been comfortable to me.  I am at a loss as to what to do with my arms.  (I know sounds silly!!)  Also with a combination of my pelvis and hip pain, sleeping on my side has become even more of a chore.  The top part of my right leg falls asleep so I can’t lay on my left side for long.  I now have to sleep with a pillow behind me and a pillow in front of me.  It doesn’t help me much but it allows me to keep my pelvis more in line so I don’t wake up super sore from sleeping.


Now there are a couple reasons I LOVE being pregnant.


There is nothing more exciting than feeling the baby move around inside you.  Yes there are moments when it is uncomfortable but to know that it is inside of me growing, amazes me every single day!!


The reason I continue to get pregnant despite having awful pregnancies are the wonderful children it has given me.  I have 2 amazing children and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.  They are incredible little humans that continue to amaze me!!  I am proud to say that I carried them both for 42 weeks!!!

Pregnancy may not be a friend to me but it gives me the greatest gift in the world.  My children are beautiful, smart, amazing, talented, and outspoken.  (Not always a good thing now but will benefit them in the future!!)  I love watching them grown into the incredible youngadults they are becoming.  So yes, I am counting down to the end of this pregnancy so that I can enjoy the sleepless nights, crying baby, and family bonding that I will cherish for years to come!!!!


Hospital Bag Checklist

Since I am almost 31 weeks pregnant, I figured I better start packing my hospital bag.  However, I don’t remember what I packed in my bag the last time I delivered!!

The benefit of having midwives deliver in the hospital is that I don’t need to stay long after delivery.  I am released normally 2-3 hours after giving birth.

I have looked up lists upon lists but I would still love some input onto what everyone really used in their hospital bag.  I will give you a list of what I currently have in there!!








Oh and don’t you just love my diaper bag!!!  My mom bought it for me for Christmas!!!  I am absolutely in love with it!!!


That is all I currently have.  I know I need to still put in bottles and formula as I do not intend to breastfeed.  (That willbe a whole separate post!)  I also plan on bringing:


Dry Shampoo








So now, is there anything that I am missing?  What did you bring in your hospital bag that you were glad you did?  What is something that you forgot to put in your hospital bag that you wish you had?  Thanks for all the help.

BeYOUtiful Rewritten Style: Journaling 101


Now writing is a big part of my life and my business.  Hence why I am a blogger.  Today I am going to share with you my journals and tips on how to do it.  Tips help if you are a beginner.  However, I find that journaling is completely personal and every person finds a unique way to do it with their style.

Remember these are just tips on how I journal.  Try it out and see how it works for you.  Tweak things as you go and figure out your own creativity style!!

I journal 2 times a day.  Once in the morning when I wake up and haven’t left my bed yet and then again at night when I climb into bed and before I start reading the book I am currently reading.  There is a reason to my madness.


I start off by journaling 2 specific lists in the morning to get my day started on the right foot.  The first list I create is my top 3 to do list for that day.  Like I have said in previous posts, I am a list maker.  My to do list (along with other women’s to do lists) can include 100 items a day.  I focus on the 3 on my list that are most important to me to complete.  Anything done above and beyond those 3 are a bonus for me!!!

The 2nd list I make are my goals for the next 6 months.  I am really trying to focus my energy on my goals and having them written down and sent out to the universe is the first step to achieving them!!!  This again reminds me daily of my goals.  You can always add and take away goals that are on your list.  That is what is great about goals.  They change!!!


After I do that journaling, I go about my day.  I have the right mindset ready and it gives me motivation to complete my to do list and work towards the goals that I want to reach.


Now in the evening, after the kids are in bed and the house is quiet, I climb into bed and pick up my journal once again.  Again there are 2 parts to my evening journaling as well.

Part 1 is where I journal about my day.  Things that went on, feelings I had, really anything about my day.  It isn’t always the most interesting but that is my life!!

Part 2 is where I write 5 things I am grateful for that happened during the day.  There are days for me that it is as simple as Annie went to bed easily.  (Which let’s face it…. doesn’t happen often enough!!!)  There are some days that I can’t even come up with 5 things.  We all have those days!!!!  The point is that you need to show gratitude for what you currently have in your life!!!!!




The content doesn’t matter as long as you are journaling.  Get out those feelings and thoughts so they don’t fester.  I find that especially as women, we hold things in.  Journaling helps us to release those feelings in a healthy way.


Remember, you don’t need to show your journal to anyway if you don’t want to.  This is meant for your private thoughts and feelings.


Have fun with your journaling.  I don’t doodle much but I do know many people that do.  Doodle in your journal.  Add color.  Cut out photos and paste them in their.  The sky is the limit and so is your imagination.  Let your creativity shine and you will enjoy doing it that much more!


Journaling doesn’t always come easy.  There are days that I fall asleep before I do my night time journaling.  It takes time to create a habit.  Stick with it.  It is always fun to look back and see what you were doing last year or even 3 years ago.  See how much you have grown as a person!!!

I would love to hear how your journaling is going.  How long have you been journaling?  Are you new to journaling?  Plus I would even love to see pictures of journals!!!  (Remember I am addicted to buying them!!!)

Why I Hope My Children Don’t Remember My Pregnancy

I haven’t really talked much about my pregnancy on the blog.  I am 29 weeks.  Up till this point, it has been a very long pregnancy.  Morning sickness has not been kind to me.  I have a 2 week period where I was down to 2 Diclectin per day but it didn’t last.  I am now back up to 4 pills a day.   The throwing up comes and goes but it is the extreme nauseaus feeling that gets me.

Not only is the morning sickness a problem, so is my pelvis.  When I was pregnant with Annie, I separated my pelvis at 20 weeks.  It was very painful.  I did research when I found out I was pregnant with #3 to see what my chances were for it returning.  I decided to stop Pilates because I didn’t want to chance injuring myself again.  Well, the weight of the baby is now causing pain again.  I have bought a support belt and it helps sometimes.  Today is a rough day and my pelvis hurts extremely bad even when I’m just walking from the living room to the kitchen.


Now you are probably wondering why my title is why I hope my children don’t remember my pregnancy.  Well let me explain….

They have now witnessed me puking more times than I can count.  They have witnessed me not being able to get out of bed because I am either that ill or in that much pain that I can barely move.


Now not only all of that which seems like enough to me, I have been short tempered with them.  As with many moms, when you are not feeling well, you take it out on the kids.  They are the easy targets.  Well that has been me but it hasn’t lasted just a week.  I am on Week 29 of feeling miserable and being miserable.

I yell more than I normally do.  I get angrier faster than I normally do.  I have no patience with them like I normally do.  All of these things in turn makes them act out in ways they normally wouldn’t.  Quinton has decided that this is his life to live and that he no longer needs to listen or do what I ask.  Annie has now decided that her big brother makes total sense and feels the same way and isn’t afraid to voice it.

I broke down and bawled my eyes out last night because bedtime was awful!!   Bedtime isn’t normally my favorite part of the day but last night was the worst it has ever been!!!  I went to put Annie to bed at 8:30.  She finally fell asleep at 11:30.  I locked myself in the bathroom and cried my eyes out.  I yelled and screamed.  I walked away.  I took away her stuffy.  I closed the door.  No matter what I did.  No matter how gentle I was talking to her or how loud I yelled at her, I wasn’t getting my point across.


These are the moments in my parenthood that I am not proud of but I will admit to them.  I am exhausted, sick, and just feeling plain miserable and unfortunately it’s my kids who are getting the brunt of those emotions.

These are the reasons that I don’t want my kids to remember my pregnancy.  I don’t want them to remember the times that I yelled and screamed.  I don’t want them to remember the times where I couldn’t get out of bed.  I don’t want them to remember the times where I was so sick, I was laying on the bathroom floor.

I know once the baby comes all the negative will be forgotten.  I just hope that it will be forgotten for always and once this baby is out and I am feeling like a normal human being.  (Yes I know lack of sleep will still play a role but to be honest I am looking forward to that lack of sleep.  At least I know when I do sleep, it will be in comfort and not in constant pain.)


For now, my childrenwill have to put up with a grumpy mom and I will do my best to keep the beast locked up inside.

Were you the same way when you were pregnant???

Would You Allow Your Son to Wear Pink??

Now I must honestly say, I never thought I would be asking this question.  It truly boggles my mind.  Here is what happened….

My husband wanted me to go pick up some used BMX gear for my son who will be trying out for BMX this summer.  He didn’t give me any information on the equipment so I went.

All the equipment was in great shape.  There were BMX pants that had a strip of pink on them.  Not much in my opinion but it is still noticeable.  The woman let my son choose between 2 of the BMX shirts.  She had 1 that was gray and black and another one that was pink and black.  (The pink is a strip at the top.)  Quinton decided he wanted the pink one and I said that was perfectly fine.  I bought everything and Quinton was so excited to be getting all this gear.

Afterwards, we rushed to pick up Annie and drove the 25 minutes to lacrosse practice where Richard was meeting us.  We arrived a few minutes late so Q ran in with his equipment and met his dad inside to get changed while I parked the car.

Richard came out asking about the gear and I told him that it was in great shape but that I wasn’t expecting it to be pink.  However, Q loved it and I bought it anyway.  Well…… that is when the fireworks happened!!

He demanded I take him back out to the car to see the gear so I took him.  He then proceeded to get pissed that I even bought the gear because it had pink on it.  I told him that we got a great deal on all of it.  Fox pants and shirt, shin guards, elbow pads, and gloves all for $80!!!!!  I then kept going and told him that Quinton decided he wanted the pink shirt and he liked the pink pants and that I really didn’t care if he wanted to wear pink stuff!!!

He argued with me and told me that I had to resell everything and that he wasn’t going to let his son wear pink gear.  Then he walked away and decided he wasn’t going to stay and watch Q practice but drive home.


I seriously want to know opinions.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with Quinton wanting to wear BMX gear that has pink on it.  He is an 8 year old boy!!!  He loves it.  He is actually outside currently wearing it riding his bike around.

I am personally quite impressed and proud that Quinton was so excited to wear pink.  He is confident and he has amazing self esteem.  I hope that he continues to have it and never questions what he wants in life.

What is your opinion?  Would you allow your son to wear pink?

Giveaway: Be Brave Box

I have had this giveaway planned for a couple months now and somehow the couple months just past in the blink of an eye.  Let’s blame baby brain, morning sickness, and just overall pregnancy exhaustion.

This giveaway is from a local teenage girl from Airdrie who was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease.  I am going to give you her background information and why she started her own business.  This girl deserves all the love we can send her!!!!!!!!!

In Taylor’s words:

“My name is Taylor.  In November 2011, I was diagnosed with a rare chronic kidney disease at 11.5 years old.  In the last 4.5 years, I’ve had lots of challenges to face.  In May of 2015, I had both of my kidneys taken out and started dialysis at home.  In August of 2015, my dad donated his kidney to me.  This is when I started my own business called Be Brave Box.  A subscription box for those with chronic illnesses.  In the box are items to calm, bring a smile to your face, and remind you to be brave.  I started this company because I know what it feels like to think nobody understands and that you are all alone.  Through this box, I want to show others like me that we’re a community of brave people that were given some tough big battles but that we can get through this together!!!!”

Taylor has given me a box to giveaway on my blog and I am so happy for everyone to hear her story!!!!!  May this give others fighting chronic diseases a little bit of hope and make them realize that they are not alone!!!!

Feel free to check out her website at:

Or feel free to follow her on Instagram:

Lessons I’ve Learned From Being a Part of a Mom’s Facebook Group: Brought to you by a Mom Who Has Been Kicked Out

I LOVE my Facebook groups and pages.  It is the way to advertise your business, blog, or even just meet new moms when you move to the area.  That is why I originally joined.  I was a part of a local mom’s group to meet and hopefully become friends with other local moms who didn’t know anyone, like myself.

I then decided to start my blog and it was a great way to advertise it at first.  My blog is not a money maker for me.  My blog is my passion and allows me to vent and let other mothers know that they are not alone!!  I was “attacked” by another mom who had an issue with my posts about my blog and who couldn’t seem to just scroll past when something bothered her.  I left and went to the “other side” that promised that the grass was greener!!!

I haven’t had many issues with the newest Facebook group though I did have a couple with moms that decided they needed to post their rude comments.  I don’t put up with the rude and would respond to them.

Well everything changed this morning.  I have been posting my blog there for over a year.  I recently started a local subscription box for locally made products and I have been advertising on the group which is allowed…. until this morning.

I got a message from the admin of the group telling me that she has had lots of complaints about me and my posting about the Beyoutiful Box so I of course, asked her what the problem was.  So she goes on to tell me that I never picked up a certain product and didn’t pay for the product that was suppose to go in the box so that business owner decided that it was the business of an admin of a Facebook group that she didn’t like my posts.

Well to find out, the whole story wasn’t told so I gave her my side of the story as well so she had the full story.  I then decided to message the business owner and tell them what I felt and that my time and money was just as important as theirs.  However no one else seems to think that since I was then blocked for sending messages to the admin of the group and I was kicked out of the group completely!!!

So today, I have decided to share some things that I have learned about being part of a Mom’s Facebook group.


They have more cliques than high school.   Maybe I was just super lucky at the school I went to.  Maybe I was naive and didn’t notice the cliques that existed.  However, I don’t remember being a part of a certain group in high school.  We all got along with everyone.  We weren’t best friends with everyone and sometimes it was a hi or how are you doing every now and then but it was never a clique.  These groups don’t function like that!  People know each other and stick together.  Coming into a group like that is difficult.  If 1 person doesn’t like you or approve of you then you are out of luck with those ladies.  No, of course, they are not all like that.  I have met some amazing woman through the Facebook group.  Just don’t mess with the wrong person or you will get kicked out of the group like me!!!

There is only 1 side to every story.  Contrary to what we are all taught growing up, online is a completely different world.  There  is only 1 side to every story especially if you messed with that 1 person that was in the clique.  You automatically assume that what that one person says must be true and instead of saying something to the other party nicely, you confront them because you can hide behind your computer.

Women show you what they want you to think their life is like.  I believe that being true to yourself and showcasing your flaws is so refreshing.  That doesn’t happen in mom’s groups.  Everyone complains about other mom’s parenting.  Other moms show you the pictures where their make up is perfect, their stomachs are sucked in, and their hair is done like it was just finished at the salon.  They don’t have flaws as a parent but how dare the other mom decide to parent her children like that.  Look at my beautiful and spotless house.  (All while the rest of us shake our heads and assume because we have toys strewn all over the floor that we are somehow less of a mother!)  Their online world can be completely what they want it to be.  Show you only what they want to show you (when it looks perfect!).

Women say 1 thing but mean something completely different.  No matter how many times some women tell you that they support you, they don’t.  They don’t want to watch you succeed.  They want to succeed and leave everyone wishing that they were them.  Being online allows you to say anything.  You can’t read a person.  You don’t know what their true intentions are until you meet them in person.  I have met a couple of these women in person and it makes me sad.  Women should be standing up and helping each other.  Not trying to push each other down and set on each other’s backs to take the success from them.

Women are competitive even when they say they aren’t.  No matter what aspect of your life, women are competitive with each other.  Wanting to be better than their neighbor, have the bigger house, have the bigger paycheck, have the perfect family, and have the best body.  Life isn’t about competing with each other.  Life is about support and showing other women that no matter what, you have their back just because they are a woman!!


Now remember I have said that I have met some amazing and real friends from the Facebook group so not all of these refer to everyone in the groups!!

I don’t expect every woman on this world to get along because that just isn’t going to happen.  However respect is much different than being friends.  I respect the other business owner.  I understand that she worked hard and put lots of time in but so did I.  For her to think that her time is more important or worth more than mine isn’t fair.  That was the point I was trying to make when I was unfairly blocked.

My life will go on!!  I will succeed with my business without the help of that Facebook group.  I don’t need those negative women to rain on my success.  I am great and I will be okay!!!  I will succeed!!!  You just watch me!!!!!

Local Subscription Box Giveaway


Today was delivery day for the local subscription boxes that I started planning a month and a half ago.  It was a very exciting weekend!!!!  I had 9 boxes in total ordered.  My goal was 10 so I think I did pretty great!!!

I live in a wonderful community that is so willing to support local businesses yet we never seem to know what all those businesses have to offer.  That is why I started this box.  Supporting local means supporting a small family especially in this economy!!

I am excited that I am able to give one of these boxes away to one of my lucky local readers!!!  The shirt size inside the box is XL.

Now to enter the contest, I need you to like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram. My links are below to make it a bit easier for you!!!!

Facebook page:

Instagram profile:


I will be picking a winner on Friday May 6th @ 11am.  I am excited to give this amazing gift away.  The shirt and journal may be different than what is pictured above as each box had their own individual styles.

If you want to purchase a local subscription box for delivery on July 2nd, I will be releasing details either later tonight or tomorrow!  The Facebook link is below for details on the new box.  I will be updating them soon!!


Boy or Girl? What is Baby Laycock #3?

I am so excited to finally be making this announcement.  I have known for a few weeks but have been waiting for a couple local ladies to help make some items for the amazing announcement I am about to make.

I want to give them a shout out first as they have both done amazing work and couldn’t be happier.

Amanda Metherall from Wee Three Creations in Carstairs.  She worked with me for exactly what I wanted and it was even better than I imagined.  I am so excited for the kids and baby to wear there shirts home from the hospital!!  Her Facebook page is below and I highly recommend contacting her!!!  (She will also be in my local subscription box that is being delivered on May 1st!!!)

The 2nd lady is from Airdrie and owns Mini Me Babies!!  She was quick and had fast service!!  I love the pants that she made me for the photo and for the coming home from hospital outfit!!!  I have left her Facebook page link below!!!  Again, I highly recommend contacting her for great, unique, and locally made baby items!!

Now the moment you have all been waiting for!!!!  What is baby Laycock #3??  I am so excited to share this!!  I had a feeling that this is what we were going to have!!!!

Was it what you guessed it was?  I would love to hear some name suggestions as well!!  We have a huge list compiled but can’t seem to agree on anything!!!!!  Well here it is……


Baby Laycock #3 is a GIRL!!!  The look on Q’s face says it all!!!  He was so hoping for a brother and now has come to the realization that he has to play prince for 2 little girls instead of 1.

Annie is excited just to be a big sister.  She is already worrying that she may not be a good sister.  I told her she will make a great sister.

Richard will now have 2 little girls with him wrapped around their fingers.  He was also hoping for a little boy but is happy that the baby is healthy and growing.  That is all we can really ask for as parents!!!!

Below is a picture of the pants that were made by Mini Me Babies since you can’t see them the greatest in the picture!!!!  I absolutely LOVE them and am now so excited to bring this baby into the world!!!


Now if you have any name suggestions I would love to hear them!!!  We are looking for unique and pretty names.  I have a huge list but we can’t seem to agree on any!!!!!  What was your guess?  Boy or Girl??