“I think this is awesome and amazing for a couple of different reasons. It is a terrific way for vendors to have their products promoted. I know a lot of us are really trying to buy “closer to home” and this gives us the chance to try products and see what kinds of wonderful things we can get right in our own back yards. I’ve been a buyer since the start and will continue to do so. Love all of the surprises that come in the box and I HIGHLY recommend you become part of this – either by buying or by showing off what you have to offer as being a vendor!!” Lori


“Samantha’s box is so innovative! She really goes out of her way to promote local, small and home businesses. Every product is hand picked and you can really see the love she puts into each box. I love this idea and highly recommend.” Chemaine





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Our Mini Awesome Vacation in B.C
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 11-Aug-2017

We really do not take many vacations as a family.  The last vacation we took was to go back to Wisconsin for Christmas in 2015.  This year we decided to drive to B.C and hit up a few sights that we have wanted to see for awhile and we had

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A Date a Month Challenge
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 03-Aug-2017

Let's face it.... I am a mom of 3, business owner, wife, I work overnights, and try and keep my house clean.  There really has been no time for Richard and I to enjoy each other's company.  I have decided that it is time to take back the romance and

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My Life’s Mission Statement
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 31-Jul-2017

Tonight as I was reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, the author was talking about creating a mission statement.  I absolutely love this idea.  I think I will even get it made into a canvas so that it is hanging in my home. I may even take it

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