A Date a Month Challenge

Let’s face it….

I am a mom of 3, business owner, wife, I work overnights, and try and keep my house clean.  There really has been no time for Richard and I to enjoy each other’s company.  I have decided that it is time to take back the romance and for the next year, we are going to be taking 1 night or day to ourselves and enjoying a date.  Afterall, I think we deserve a little bit of fun!!

I don’t want these dates to be the same as they normally are though.  I want us to explore, have fun, and try new things so I have decided to create a fun to do list of date ideas.  I won’t lie.  I do have a movie night in this list of date nights.  I do enjoy going to movies and dinner so I did have to have that as 1 of the dates.  I also looked up Groupon and found many deals on these date night ideas.  They have great places to visit at a discounted rate so it works perfectly.

Here is my list.  I am excited to share it with you.  I will also be sharing pictures with you of the actual date when the recap happens!!


AUGUST:  Stampeders game

SEPTEMBER:  Self guided scavenger hunt in Calgary

OCTOBER:  Pizza making class

NOVEMBER:  Great Russian Nutcracker

DECEMBER:  Rock climbing indoors

JANUARY:  Microbrewery tour

FEBRUARY:  Laser tag

MARCH:  Dinner and movie night

APRIL:  WII challenge

MAY:  Bowling

JUNE:  Stand up comedian

JULY:  Check out a museum

AUGUST:  Restaurant hopping.  Eat at 3-5 different restaurants for each course of a meal

That is my list.  I am excited to start this list!!  What are some fun date ideas that you have done or want to do?  I would love to hear suggestions.