A Dream Realized

Do you know when you have something in your life that you want to accomplish and you work hard day and night to get it to become a reality?  The feeling of unconditional happiness as you watch it unfold before your eyes is just amazing!!  This is how I am feeling.

On Saturday June 24, one of my ideas that I had been visualizing for months and months became reality.  I had an empowering photo shoot with women.  7 women showed up to support me and the vision that I had.  7 women felt comfortable with me, my journey, my message, and most importantly themselves to show to the world that empowerment can be achieved.

I am truly excited to share with you some of these photos.  This is only a sampling of the photographs that were taken but I am just blown away!  The creativity that not only Anna with Dynamic Eye Photography has but the ideas that the women came to the photo shoot with were just awesome!

Photo credit to Anna Miller with Dynamic Eye Photography

Let’s back it up a few steps and talk about what led up to this photo shoot.  A couple years ago, I had a photo shoot with just myself and my daughter.  I was in my bra and underwear.  It was a photo shoot for me to show the world that I loved my body just the way it was.  I am ok with the stretch marks I have.  With the thighs that touch.  With boobs that aren’t so perky anymore.  All of my “flaws” make up who I am as a woman and mom.

I really wanted to bring women together and have fun.  Show the world that we are who we are and we are proud of that.  We are all beautiful in our own ways and we need to showcase those ways.  This allowed me to do that.

Photo credit to Anna Miller with Dynamic Eye Photography.

This has allowed me to share my mission of teaching every woman that self love is possible.  That self love is worth it.  That YOU are worth it.  I know what it’s like to truly hate what you look like.  I don’t want any woman to feel that dark and depressed about her body.  You are more than your body.  You are so much more!!!

Photo credit by Anna Miller with Dynamic Eye Photography.

These photos, honestly, just make my heart leap out of my chest.  I am so incredibly proud of the women that joined Anna and I.  I am proud of these women for showing themselves that they truly are worth the love.

Here are a couple behind the scenes photos.  These are a few of the photos I took with my phone as I was walking around.

Every day we wake up with a new chance.  A new chance to begin to love ourselves.  A new chance to start the journey to healing.  Heal from the hate that we have showed ourselves over the years.  A new chance to wake up and change what that little voice inside our head tells us.  We deserve to feel love from within.

Photo credit to Anna Miller with Dynamic Eye Photography.

We are pain.  We are strength. We are past mistakes.  We are hope for the future.  We are love.  We are fearless.  We are beautiful.   We are individual flaws that when pieced together create this magnificent human being.  Love who you are.  Love every little piece of yourself.

Photo credit to Anna Miller with Dynamic Eye Photography.


Photo credit to Anna Miller with Dynamic Eye Photography.

Time to fight. Time to love.  Time to conquer!!