A Look Back at 2017

Since the beginning of December is creeping up on us, I thought that I would look back at my goals that I set on New Years.  If you don’t follow me, I really hate the word resolutions.  I set goals every new year and that is what I work towards every day, week, and month.

So here is a review of my goals and if I accomplished them.

  1. SELL 50 BOXES STEADY PER MONTH FOR BEYOUTIFUL BOX.  I am sad to say that this didn’t happen but I am working to get it accomplished again for 2018.  I will hit this goal. No matter how much hard work I need to put in, this goal will be mine come 2018.
  2. JOIN A FITNESS CLASS AND WORKOUT.  I have a gym membership.  I have come to realize that getting to the gym just isn’t working right now so I am in the process of creating my own workout schedule at home.  I will be canceling the gym membership and doing it all from home with my kids.
  3. LEARN HOW TO COOK WITH MORE WHOLE FOODS.  This goal we have been doing well with.  I have even began to meal prep and plan a lot more.  My freezer has meals ready to go in it and I can’t say what a blessing this has been.  Even on days I don’t want to cook, all I need to do is grab the food from the freezer and throw it in the oven or crockpot and dinner is done.
  4. BE CONSISTENT WITH WRITING ON MY BLOG 3 TIMES A WEEK.  This goal I was doing so well with.  I started a seasonal job in October and it has gone down from there.  Working fulltime, on top of everything else, has been a huge adjustment and the blog has suffered because of it.
  5. SET ACTUAL WORK HOURS DURING THE DAY.  This I had accomplished.  Once the kids were off to school, Izzy and I would play until nap time and then I would work until she woke up.  It gave me a good 1-3 hours to get stuff done.  Then again once the kids were home, they would look after Izzy so that I could work for another hour before I had to start dinner.  Once January comes, I will be revisiting this to see what other hours I can get some work done.
  6. LIVE IN THE MOMENT MORE.  This was a huge goal for me.  I am putting my phone down more and sitting on the floor playing with my kids.  Laughing and playing and just having fun.  I am so glad that I put this on my list and will be doing it even more as the days go on.
  7. DO PILATES WITH ANNIE 2 TIMES A WEEK AT HOME.  This has not happened and I have no explanation.  We will be doing this once I get a workout plan set up for home.
  8. EXPLORE MORE WITH THE FAMILY.  2017 was great for us.  We went to B.C twice for vacations.  We made so many amazing memories.  The hiking that we did.  The places that we saw.  I can’t wait for summer 2018 because I have big plans and goals!
  9. WRITE AND PUBLISH ANOTHER BOOK.  It is not published but I have started writing a children’s book.  I am having writer’s block so I haven’t worked on it in awhile.  I can’t wait until it is finished.
  10. CREATE A WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR BEYOUTIFUL BOX.  Well it wasn’t suppose to be weekly.  HAHAHAAH!!  I have created a monthly newsletter but I have let that fall between the cracks.  I will be getting it back up and running as I have some big things coming in the beginning of 2018.

In December, I will be sharing with you my goals for 2018.  I am currently still working on them and figuring out what I want to accomplish.

How did your goals for 2017 go?