Airdrie…. Our Home

I remember the day 3 years ago like it was yesterday.  All the excitement for seeing my husband for the first time in almost 4 months.  The rush of finally seeing our new home.   The whirlwind of the last 4 months finally coming to an end.

The kids and I boarded a plane headed for Calgary from Toronto at a time that is way too early to remember.  I believe my alarm clock went off at about 3:30am so that I get could get up, shower, do my hair and make up.  After all, I was seeing my husband after almost 4 months of living in separate provinces.

Richard moved out to Calgary in April 2014 to look for a job.  We decided it was time for us to do something for our family and this was it.  Moving across Canada for change, peace, and to find who we are as a family.

Those months in between when Richard was gone were dreadful.  Annie had such a hard time coping.  She didn’t think that she would see daddy again so there were many many many tears that were shed.  I was left to deal with the 2 kids, dog, packing, selling most of our items, and everything else by myself.

I remember packing our kitchen items, the kids toys, and our clothing and that was it.  We were leaving the rest of our life behind to start fresh.  I sold a few things but most of our belongings went to a woman who left an abusive relationship and was starting fresh.  (I hope she is still loving our items.)

Oscar was scheduled to leave the day before us.  However, his flight ended up being cancelled and was a HUGE panic.  Luckily, I found family that were willing to take him and had him much longer than anticipated.  They will never know how much gratitude I have for them helping.

Quinton, Annie, and I boarded a plane after I trudged 2 car seats and 6 bags onto the airplane.  (NO ONE OFFERED TO HELP ME!!!)  We buckled up and Annie was beyond excited because it was her first plane ride ever!  Then we took off and not knowing what to expect, we landed in Calgary.

On a 4 hour flight, Annie fell asleep 5 minutes before we landed!

Richard was there to greet us with smiles, hugs, and kisses.  Annie told him how exciting the flight had been and Quinton was just so excited to see daddy again.  We hopped in our car, packed our 6 bags in the trunk, and got on our way.  We arrived at our new home and it was AMAZING!!!!  The kids ran around picking out who’s room was whose.

The excitement of seeing our new house for the first time!

We set up the air mattresses in all of the bedrooms and explored the town.  We walked down the road to the park and the kids got to play.  We then went grocery shopping because we had nothing in our new home.  I mean, we didn’t even have furniture.  We met our neighbors, who became like grandparents to our kids, before moving away themselves.

Annie driving daddy around at the park.

We waited and waited for about a week before our few items that we brought with us began to arrive.  We unpacked and slowly the house became our home.

The park down the road.

In the past 3 years, we have grown so much as a family.  Our adventures have become bigger.  Our family has expanded by 1 beautiful little girl.  I became the woman that I have always imagined I would be.  I started a business that is allowing me to share my story with other women.

2 years ago at fireworks in Airdrie.

There have been so many dreams realized and so many more to come.  Airdrie was just a city to us at first but it has become our home.  It has become a place for us to raise our family.  The support here has been tremendous.  The women that I have met that have become part of my tribe, part of my family, has been beyond belief.

Airdrie is no longer just a city to us.  It is a part of our family and always will be!!!  Here is to the best year yet in Airdrie!!

3 years later. Making silly faces while Izzy sleeps on the grass next to us.