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Meal Prepping Success
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 01-Nov-2017

Now I have done what I thought was meal prepping before but let me tell you something. It was so not. I would plan the meals out and buy the groceries but that was it. I wouldn't prep any of it so every night I would still need to make

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Make Up and Me
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 20-Oct-2017

I am not a make up person.  I NEVER have been.  Even in high school, I would rather just go to school with no make up on at all. Maybe it's the fact that I don't know anything about it.  Make up and me just don't mix.  I have never

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Christmas Box Products
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 18-Oct-2017

If you don't have the privilege to follow me on Facebook (you should by the way), I did a live video about the products in all of the Christmas boxes.  Oh here is the link to follow me on Facebook. I love the Christmas boxes.  Last year I sold

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A Few Changes to BeYOUtiful Box
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 15-Oct-2017 am trying to figure out the best way to do BeYOUtiful Box.  It is a work in progress and I love the feedback that I get from my customers.  I have had some amazing reviews but I think it's time that I do something that I was originally doing. 

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Being an Entreprenuer is a Lot Like Being a Mom
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 12-Oct-2017

There are moments when I feel on top of the world.  I know exactly what I am doing with my business.  The boxes go out and I feel pride because I love them.  They are perfect and more than I imagined.  Knowing exactly why I became an entrepreneur. There are

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Feeling Sexy with a Boudoir Shoot
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 10-Oct-2017

I honestly fell in love with my first set of boudoir photos I had done back in 2014.  I told myself that I would get them as a yearly treat for myself.  A way to document my aging in a sexy and empowering way.  Well it is now 2017 and

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Beauty Through Hatred
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 09-Oct-2017

Tear soaked pillow, laying there for what felt like days, dehydrated from all the tears lost.  Isolated in my 1 bedroom apartment but that was the way I wanted it.  Not talking to anyone for days at a time.  Just laying there, wondering what my life would be like if

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When did this become acceptable?
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 05-Oct-2017

I have been a mom for almost 10 years.  Wow it's scary to say that out loud.  And in those 10 years, I have learned a very important lesson..... WE ALL PARENT DIFFERENTLY. So when I get a woman who rings my doorbell telling me that I am a bad

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Discover Your Inner Goddess
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 03-Oct-2017

The Discover Your Inner Goddess workshop that was held on September 22nd was such a perfect event!!!!  We had 17 women attend.  I am so incredibly thankful and blessed for such an awesome turn out and the friendships that were created. My co-host, Lenora and I, want to extend a

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Real Beauty
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 01-Oct-2017

I find that as women, we are harder on each other than men are on women.  We critique each other harder.  Today I wanted to show that what we think is beauty is not true beauty. I asked for women to fill out a survey for me asking 4 questions. 

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