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My Birthday Wish
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 22-Jun-2017

Remember when you were younger and the excitement that you had while watching your mom or dad carry the cake over singing happy birthday to you?  Trying to decide what one wish you were going to wish for in your head, making sure to keep it a secret so that

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Never Ending Vacation 3 Box Series
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 14-Jun-2017

There has been much excitement going on at BeYOUtiful Box.  I wanted to create a fun summer box and came up with the idea of the Never Ending Vacation 3 box series.  What could be better than a never ending vacation??  Honestly, I can't think of anything. Not only is

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Words My Husband Said
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 06-Jun-2017

NO this will not be a bashing post.  For me, it is to remind myself that what we say can mean different things to different people.  How we each take it also differs greatly and what we think someone means, they had no intent on it meaning that. Lately, Richard

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Goal Sharing Sunday: June Goals
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 28-May-2017

I truly think that each year goes by faster and faster.  Where did the month of May go?  I just don't understand. Anneleise turned 6 yesterday and that just blows my mind.  How is it possible that I already have a 6 year old?? This made me realize that this

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This Little Thing Called… Mom Guilt
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 18-May-2017

I honestly didn't think that mom guilt could get any worse.  I remember having it after Quinton was born.  I felt as if I needed to be with him all 24 hours of each day.  He was, after all, my first born.  It was all a new journey for me.

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Tasty Tuesday: Chicken Taco Burrito Bowl
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 16-May-2017

I was looking for a great, simple, and delicious meal the other night. I ravaged my pantry and was at a loss. I had taken chicken out of the freezer and it was thawed out and just patiently waiting to be used up. I then looked through my Pinterest for

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Father’s Day Boxes
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 10-May-2017

I am so excited for June to come.  There is so much excitement going on in June.  It is Father's Day of course so I am here to make this day the best day EVER!!!! On June 16th, I will be hosting a Father/Child bracelet making event.  It includes a

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Goal Sharing Sunday: May goals
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 02-May-2017

Can you believe it already the 2nd of May?  I can't.  This year seems to be going by faster and faster with every week that passes.  I am a few days behind. I am wanting to share with you how my April goals went and what my new May goals

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My struggle with PPD.
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 19-Apr-2017

There are moments I sit in the bathroom and cry.  I feel used, useless, and unworthy of love.  I get angry with my kids, just because they are being kids.  I feel like this monster trapped inside Samantha's skin.  There are days I don't recognize myself. I'm lucky and haven't

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Tasty Tuesday: BST Alfredo Tortellini
Posted By Samantha Laycock  Posted On 18-Apr-2017

I made this easy and delicious week night dinner the other night and it was gobbled up in no time.  It took about 20 minutes from start to finish. If you are like us, you will love anything that has bacon in it.  You truly can't go wrong with bacon.

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