Christmas Box Products

If you don’t have the privilege to follow me on Facebook (you should by the way), I did a live video about the products in all of the Christmas boxes.  Oh here is the link to follow me on Facebook.

I love the Christmas boxes.  Last year I sold over 40 of them so this year my goal is 60 boxes!!!  It’s a big goal and I am so ready to showcase the businesses that are in the boxes.

This year I am featuring 18 small businesses in the 4 boxes.  18 small businesses that you will be purchasing from.  That is AMAZING!!!!!

Are you ready to hear the products in the boxes?  I know I am ready to share them with you.

In the men’s box: 

Beer nuts

Granola bar

Beer mug



Hot sauce

Now a bit of info.  The beer nuts are gluten free.  I can get a gluten free bar to replace the granola bar if needed.  The hot sauce is also gluten free.

In the women’s box:

Coconut peanut butter

Granola bar

Wine glass

Make up bag



There is a possibility to have 1 more item in the women’s box.  I am waiting to hear back from 1 more small business.

In the children’s box:

Lunch bag


Stuffed octopus

Reindeer poop soap

Travel game

Bath bomb with toy

Train whistle

In the baby box:

Stuffed octopus


Cloth washcloths

Wet bag

Fabric blocks

Crinkly toy

There may also be 1 more product in this box as well.

These are the amazing small business products that are being showcased in the Christmas boxes.  Ordering is open until November 15th.  Delivery will be between December 10-15th.  The price includes delivery or shipping.

Purchase yours here….