Feeling Sexy with a Boudoir Shoot

I honestly fell in love with my first set of boudoir photos I had done back in 2014.  I told myself that I would get them as a yearly treat for myself.  A way to document my aging in a sexy and empowering way.  Well it is now 2017 and I hadn’t done a shoot since and I decided it was time.

The wonderful Anna Miller of Dynamic Eye Photography was open to doing the photos I had imagined in my head and I am so incredibly happy with the results.

I had a vision that was out of my comfort zone and she told me that we could do it.  I opted for an outdoor photo shoot.  The last time I did it, we were in a hotel room and the photos were great.  However, Alberta is just beautiful and I couldn’t wait to showcase natural beauty.

Every woman needs to do a boudoir shoot!!  Not for her significant other but for herself.  You leave feeling empowered and incredibly sexy.

This shoot had so much meaning to me.  It was a way for me to conquer my fears about my body after baby #3.  It was a way for me to showcase my beauty in my own way.  It was a way for me to fall in love with my body all over again.

Pictures were taken in Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.  These were only a few of the photos that I had done.  I also want to say a big THANK YOU to Angie Stewart-Trudeau for doing my make up.  I felt incredibly sexy and that red lipstick was amazing!!!!  She sells LipSense and if you would like to contact her, her link is below.


Thank you again to Anna Miller from Dynamic Eye Photography for creating my vision.  Making this a reality for me.  The power, love, and inspiration I felt after this shoot was tremendous.  I have never felt sexier.

If you wish to contact Anna, the link for her page is below.


Do this for yourself and no one else.  You will walk away feeling empowered, beautiful, loved, and sexy.  You deserve to feel that way everyday.  These photos will always remind you of the beauty that you have even if you can’t always see it.  Flaunt your body, love who you are and you will not be disappointed in who you can become.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!