Goal Sharing Sunday: June Goals

I truly think that each year goes by faster and faster.  Where did the month of May go?  I just don’t understand.

Anneleise turned 6 yesterday and that just blows my mind.  How is it possible that I already have a 6 year old??

This made me realize that this is the last few days of May so I need to get my June goals written down and ready to come to life.  I am ready for June.  It means summer, sunshine, and memories.  Plus it is my birthday month so it is the best month EVER!!!

May has been an amazing month for me.  My Father’s Day boxes have been selling great.  I attended a women’s entrepreneur evening in Airdrie and got in front of all the ladies there and shared a bit of my story.  May was also a tough month because there were lots of personal struggles that are still going on.  My grandma has also been in the hospital since Friday and she won’t be going home to live on her own anymore.

So now to share my goals for the month of June.  Time to make them big and to crush them!!!


  1.  Sell 20 July boxes.  So far for June boxes I have sold 17 including the Father’s Day boxes.
  2. Sell 5 Tshirts.  I posted them on Etsy as well as my website and Facebook page and hoping they will start to sell.
  3. Get back on track and write on my blog 3 times a week.  I enjoy writing.  It is a bit of therapy for me so I need to make sure that I make time for it.
  4. Start delegating tasks around the house.  I am awful with this but lately there has been so much going on that I feel like I am drowning and need help.  I am working on a calendar that will have certain tasks written down on each day that will need to be completed by Richard, Quinton, and Annie.  I hope that it will cut down on my stress level and give me a bit more time to enjoy my family.
  5. Run 3 nights a week.  I truly hate running but I went out the other night and did much better than anticipated.  I am going to give it a try and keep going.
  6. Have 10 ladies show up for the brand ambassador photo shoot on June 24.  I am so excited for this.  Not only because it’s my brand ambassadors but it is my birthday weekend so we are having a birthday themed photo shoot.  It doesn’t get any better than that!!!
  7. Go on a date night.  We need some alone time and it is a great month to do it in.  I will need to plan a fun night out with just the 2 of us.  I would love to go away for a night but with no family living close by that is difficult to achieve so a couple hours will have to do.

What are your goals for the month of June?  I am excited.  The beginning of the month always seems like a refresh button was pushed and there are so many new things to be achieved.  BRING IT ON!!!!