Meal Prepping Success

Now I have done what I thought was meal prepping before but let me tell you something. It was so not.

I would plan the meals out and buy the groceries but that was it. I wouldn’t prep any of it so every night I would still need to make dinner.

The other week I decided to do all of it. I had my list of meals and I was pumped. I even had the kids helping me. Richard was working for the day.

I even did the click and collect grocery shopping so that I could avoid taking all 3 of my kids grocery shopping for 2 hours. Oh it was AMAZING!! Pull up to the store and they bring it out to me. AMAZING!!! It was almost a $400 grocery shop that someone else did for me. I do love grocery shopping but being a mom of 3, owning a business, running a household, and everything else that goes on or comes up; I just don’t have the time.

I had high hopes. We had planned for 12 meals with a couple of those making 2 meals instead of 1.

The kids were HUGE helps at first. Q did cutting of vegetables while Annie mixed ingredients together. We got between 6-8 meals done before they were bored. I love when my kids help me in the kitchen. It’s a skill they need to know and we have so much fun… until the whining begins but that’s a whole other post.

It took me much longer than anticipated. It took me about 2 days to get 14 meals prepped and into the freezer. Not 2 full days but probably more like a day and a half.

Those meals included…

Mexican stuffed shells ~ 2 meals. This was by far one of our favorites. Kids have asked me to make it again. Cover it in cheese and bake it. The link to the original recipe is here. I did change it up.

Lasagna rolls ~ 2 meals

Chicken pot pies ~ homemade pie crust and mix. 2 meals and 2 lunches. These turned out amazing. I have never made a pot pie before and Richard said they were the best. Here is the link to the filling. I didn’t follow it exactly as I added other spices.

Mexican sweet potato casserole

Ranch pork chops with broccoli

Apple and pear pork crockpot meal

Honey Asian chicken crockpot meal

Homemade sloppy joes ~ 2 meals. So much better than sloppy joes from a can. Again recipe link here.

Homemade pizzas ~ homemade crust and sauce. I did the sauce a bit different this time but we love this recipe for crust. It always turns out delicious.

I also made some of the most delicious banana muffins I have ever made. The kids ate all of them in a couple days. Link for the recipe is here.

I am so glad I decided to do this meal prepping. I still have around 6 meals left. Now to just getting my times down so it doesn’t take me a whole weekend to prep.

What are your go to freezer meals? I will share with you the next batch that I do.