Never Ending Vacation 3 Box Series

There has been much excitement going on at BeYOUtiful Box.  I wanted to create a fun summer box and came up with the idea of the Never Ending Vacation 3 box series.  What could be better than a never ending vacation??  Honestly, I can’t think of anything.

Not only is this a never ending vacation, I am also bringing you products from small businesses in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia.  You get to see these 3 provinces without leaving your home.

This 3 box series will be supporting 12+ women run small businesses.  All you NEED to do is make 1 purchase and you will be supporting all of those women in creating their own impact on their community while impacting your local community as well.

I have shared 2 of the sneak peaks for the vendors.

The first one, I am lucky enough to call my sister in law, Couper.  She does beautiful and amazing things with a sewing machine and you will be getting a product from her.

The second one is Growing Up Healthy kits.  I am excited to have this because as you can tell, they are cute little kits that you get to grow.

You will not want to miss out on these boxes!!!  They are filled with so much goodness that I just want to explode.   Purchase yours today by clicking on this link.  The best part is…. if you are an Ontario resident, use the code ONTARIO to save 10%!!!!