Our Mini Awesome Vacation in B.C

We really do not take many vacations as a family.  The last vacation we took was to go back to Wisconsin for Christmas in 2015.  This year we decided to drive to B.C and hit up a few sights that we have wanted to see for awhile and we had a blast.


Luckily it was a last minute trip and we got into the LAST campsite at Revelstoke Campground.  It was a wonderful place to camp.  They had a pool, goats you can feed, ducks you can feed, movies on certain nights, ice cream socials every night, and more.  We were so busy during the day that we used the pool one night and didn’t get to do the other activities.  I would recommend this campsite to any family looking for a place to stay.  It was quiet and we stay in a tent.  The sites were a bit small than other campsites we were at but we were gone all day.  Plus because of the dry weather and the awful wildfires that B.C is experiencing, campfires were not allowed so we were in the tent going to sleep between 9-10pm every night.

We got there on the holiday Monday so traffic wasn’t too bad.  On our way, we stopped at the Northern Lights Wolf Sanctuary in Golden.  It was a neat place.  We thought it was pricey for what we got but we enjoyed the visit and we learned a lot about wolves.  PLUS we got our photo taken with a wolf pup.

After the wolf sanctuary, we continued our drive to Revelstoke.  We set up our campsite and then decided to go and visit the 3 Valley Gap Ghost Town.  The stuff they had there was amazing!!  The kids loved it.  They loved exploring the buildings, trains, and all the stuff that they had there.  Plus they were able to play a FREE round of mini golf at the end of it all.

That was the end of our first day and everyone was exhausted.  We didn’t get back to our campsite until almost 8pm and made our dinner.  Luckily we were still able to use our portable grill and we made some delicious burgers.  After that, we were all so tired we just fell asleep in the tent.

The Tuesday we woke up and we were so excited for what the day was going to bring.  We had a few things planned and hopefully we would have enough time to do them all.

We started with an amazing breakfast of scrambled eggs sautéed with sausages, yellow peppers, and onions.  Izzy and Q gobbled it up.

We were then on our way to The Enchanted Forest.  If you ever go to Revelstoke or are just passing through, stop in and check it out.  The kids had so much fun.  We went on a nature hike which didn’t start off the greatest as Annie was having a melt down because bugs were eating her.  It ended well as we took a canoe ride (included in admission).  The kids even got a certificate of completion for the nature hike.

Our next stop was The Pipe mountain coaster at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort.  I didn’t go down in but Richard went down with Annie and Q was big enough to go down by himself.  They had a blast.  They even went on it twice.  Another site I totally recommend that you go and check out in the area.

Oh and we took our first gondola ride at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort.  The views were great but they were smoky.  The gondola ride is included if you ride the Pipe coaster.

After that, we went to the campsite and went swimming for about 2 hours, ate dinner, and again went to bed early as we were leaving early for the trip home.

On our way home, we stopped by and checked out the Revelstoke Dam Visitor Center.  We took the tour and were able to go to the top of the dam and look out.  I can’t believe how big the dam is!! Be prepared if you do stop in, they check your ID upon entrance for security purposes.

We also stopped by the Giant Cedars Boardwalk nature walk and that was just breathtaking.  It was stunning and just absolutely beautiful!!

I highly recommend going to Revelstoke and checking out all of the sites that they have.  There were a few things that we didn’t get to check off the list and those included the aerial park and the suspension bridge but we will be back to do those.