Revamping BeYOUtiful Box

I have been thinking long and hard about how I wanted to improve on when it comes to BeYOUtiful Box.  I already love the products that I put on the inside so it needed to be something else.

It finally came to me.  I want to make this more of an experience.  What did that mean to me?

That meant that I wanted women to experience love and support when they saw that BeYOUtiful Box package come to their door.  Currently, it’s not the products that needs improving.  It’s my packaging.

I am beyond excited to showcase the new packaging starting in February.  New boxes, new labels, new wrapping.  It’s all being redone.  I have this vision in my head.  Trinity from Hoot Events is helping me bring it to life.

I am hoping that this will take BeYOUtiful Box to the next step.  Give women the experience of self love that I was hoping to achieve from the moment I started this movement.

BeYOUtiful Box isn’t just a subscription box.  It is a movement.  It is a movement to bring self love, self worth, and self care to ALL women.