The Pressure of January 1st

I have been wanting to post this for a few days now but it never seemed just right.  So here is this post. FINALLY!!!


It’s here!!  The day we have been waiting for all year.  The day that marks the beginning of a new start.  The day we promise ourselves we will start that new diet.  The day we make a commitment to ourselves that this is the year that we will buy a smaller bikini.

January first is just another day on the calendar but it holds so much purpose, so much hope, and so much promise.  I, also, focus on this day to “recreate” the next 365 days until the next January 1st comes.

Over the years, this day has changed meaning for me.  I used to wish and wish that I would lose those 60 pounds that I “shouldn’t” carry around with me.  I used to wish and wish that I would win the lottery and change my life.  The resolutions that never really meant anything to me.  The resolutions I knew in my heart that even though I wanted them, I wasn’t going to reach them.

Now I don’t even say the word resolution.  To me that word just means unhappiness, wanting to change something because I hate it.  That’s no longer what January 1st means for me.

January 1st now means setting goals that mean something to me.  Setting goals from a place of love versus hate.  Creating my future and the experiences that will shape the next 365 days.

Please don’t lose that fire within throughout the year.  Everyday wake up knowing that you are 24 hours further away from January 1st but knowing that you are 24 hours closer to your goal then you were yesterday.

Continue to live everyday like it is January 1st and your life will take you to places you never expected.  Don’t put so much hope and promise into only 1 day.  Be persistent with what you wanted. Maintain that feeling as if you can and will achieve what you want and you will gain so much more than success this year.

Make 2018 your year.  YOU GOT THIS!!!!